For over 20 years our seminars and workshops have been designed to motivate each participant to move to higher levels of effectiveness. Unlike talking heads that come in to wow you with how much they know, we use interactive and adult learning principles to engage our seminar attendees and help them integrate what they already know with the powerful content we deliver. We believe seminars, workshops and skills training should be interesting, inspiring, and include practical examples that can be applied for immediate results. Thatís why our seminars are designed to include lecture, practice exercises, and discussion. Our goal is to engage participants Ė not to provide a comfortable opportunity for them to sleep. Our facilitators break information down into understandable pieces that allow participants to internalize concepts. Once incorporated into their skill set, participants are ready to put their new skills to work--increasing their effectiveness.

Each course ends with participants setting one or two personal goals based on the materials covered during the training. We have found that a "goal focus" set at the beginning of a course, along with written goals, establishes a foundation for real change.

Our style is high energy and informative. In our years of experience, we have observed what we believed all along: people learn and commit when they are engaged, challenged, and having a good time.

Our seminars are customized to meet your organizationís specific needs. Each program is solution based. Tell us about your training needs and we will work closely with you to develop dynamic content that delivers practical information thatís easily reinforced long after the training session has ended. Handouts provided for these seminars and workshops make it easy for attendees to capture critical content and reinforce their learning. We'll provide examples, research, and stories that bring to life important business seminar concepts.
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