Whether itís with an employer, family member or business, we all negotiate for things each day like higher salary, better service or solving a dispute with a coworker or family member. This seminar teaches you techniques and strategies to help you handle these situations more effectively. You will learn negotiating is a process, not an event. There are predictable steps, preparation, creating the climate, identifying interests, and selecting outcomes that you will go through in any negotiation. With practice, you will gain skills at facilitating each step of the process. As your skill increases, youíll discover that negotiating can be both fun and rewarding.

Training methods:

o Role plays
o Assessments
o Brainstorming
o Negotiating exercises

Key training points:

This one day course will give participants an understanding of the key concepts in negotiating.

o The Win-Win Approach
o Creative Response
o Empathy
o Appropriate Assertiveness
o Co-operative power
o Managing Emotions
o Mapping
o Designing Options
o Five basic principles of negotiating
o Third Party Mediators
o Broadening Perspectives
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