This seminar goes to the heart of workplace ethics issues by laying a solid foundation in personal character and then providing practical, down-to-earth training on how to overcome ethical dilemmas on the job. It doesn't just treat the symptoms of ethics problems; it helps address the underlying questions and answers behind ethical problems in the workplace.
The format of this seminar makes ethics training a fun and truly engaging event. It discusses real-life workplace issues that participants really care about in a non-threatening, cooperative environment. The interactive, hands-on format gets people out of their seats, allowing them to be a part of the process rather than passive listeners.
This seminar helps the employee contemplate his or her core values, integrity, and the kind of person he or she wants to be. The end result not only benefits the worker’s ethical behavior on the job, but goes on to enrich all areas his or her life.
Training Objectives

This one-day course will give participants an understanding of:
• What business ethics is
• How a company can have an ethical stance
• The pressures on companies to become more ethical
• Ways of thinking about the topic

This workshop is uniquely designed to be inspirational, enjoyable and successful, elevating participants and their organizations to greater business effectiveness. This seminar will be particularly useful to staff in companies where there is an established code of conduct and for those just starting their business career.

Course Outline
• Defining Character
• Good and Bad Personal Character
• Complete Integrity
• The Work Ethic
• Truth and Lies
• Ethics Basics: Morality and Moral/Ethical Codes
• Identifying and resolving ethical dilemmas
• Current issues companies are facing
• Putting ethics into practice in your business career
• Situational Ethics and Rationalizations
• Situational and Not-So-Situational Dilemmas
• Preventing and Resolving Situational Dilemmas
• Critical Dilemmas
• Ethical Decision-Making
• Getting Out of a Sticky Situation
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