If you dread confrontation, chances are you could be paying a heavy price, at the expense of your career success your personal happiness and your company’s profits. In this exciting and dynamic seminar, you can learn the rock-solid conflict-management skills you need to succeed on the job and get ahead in your career.
In this seminar, you’ll discover how to get to the real cause of the problem … how to disarm disagreeable people … how to defuse tense situations … how to handle anger (your own and others). You’ll also learn “what to say when” scripts for specific conflict situations that arise at work, so you will NEVER be at a loss for the right words again.
Mastering conflict-resolution skills will change your life. We know that conflict comes in all shapes and sizes, and as long as two or more people work together, it will never go away. But if we don’t learn to master the art of managing conflict, we will continue to hurt ourselves and others. The skills and tips you’ll get at this workshop will change your life and put you in a position for amazing career success. You’ll gain more cooperation from others, strengthen workplace relationships, enjoy your job more, be more productive, decrease your stress, and earn the respect of everyone you work with.

Attend this workshop and you’ll never again be reduced to hiding, avoiding, and blowing up during conflict and confrontation. Instead, you’ll resolve it quickly, confidently and professionally.

What you’ll learn:

1. Handle confrontation calmly and professionally, without fear, dread, or anxiety.
2. Never again lose your cool when you’re involved in conflict.
3. Significantly strengthen workplace relationships by knowing how to work through disagreements.
4. Recognize symptoms of brewing conflict – and head it off before it happens.
5. Resolve conflict quickly using the A.C.E. method.
6. Shut down backstabbers and those who spread gossip about you and others.
7. Know exactly what to say when someone puts you down or criticizes you unjustly in front of others.
8. Work through differences with your boss for win-win results.
Managing Conflict in the Workplace
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